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Veterinarian Services 


Hudson Valley Animal Rescue offers full-service, low-cost, veterinarian care to the public. Clients do not have to live in Dutchess County to benefit from our services but we do require all animals to be spayed/neutered by the age of 1 year old to be able to continue to use our clinic.


We do not offer services to any breeders or any person planning to breed their dog. It is our belief as a rescue that all animals should be spayed/ neutered. We feel strongly about this and that is why we do require any animals coming to us for our vet services to be spayed/neutered by 1 year old. If your pet is not fixed but you plan to have this done, you will be able to make 1 wellness appointment to our clinic while the pet is still intact. If you show up to your appointment and have no intentions on fixing your pet, you will be asked to leave with no services done.


For any sedated services such as dentals, growth removals, or any other type of surgeries we will require the pet to be already altered or altered on the day of service at owner’s expense. 

Our clinic is curbside ONLY, there are many reasons for this but mainly for us to be able to offer appointments within the same week. Our lobby is not large enough to accommodate numerous people inside at one time. Curbside appointments means you stay in your car while your pet has their exam. The vet tech and/or the veterinarian will come to your car to talk to you about any concerns you may have.


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