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To book a dental at our facility, you must come in for an exam prior. Bloodwork must be run for every animal. If you have had bloodwork done at your vet, it is accepted as long as it has been less than 3 months and there are no other issues going on with the pet. When you come in for your pre-op appointment you can discuss with our vets what the best option of bloodwork would be for your pet. We will NOT set up a dental appointment without seeing your pet first.

Dental Price includes: (cleaning, scaling, and polishing of teeth) Includes IV catheter, IV fluids & Antibiotics to go home.

Dogs: $450

Cats: $500

  • Extractions per tooth: $12-$20 a tooth

  • Dental X-rays- $10 per view (up to 6 views charged)

  • Medication to go home with (pain medication) $30-$60


We are a low-cost clinic and try to keep our prices as low as possible. Dental disease is something that many people do not realize can become a life-threatening problem for your pet and we want to make sure every person has the ability to afford this service. If you are on a limited income, we are here to help you and your pet with any services we offer.

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