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Hudson Valley Animal Rescue & Sanctuary adopts out over 1,200 animals annually. Most of the animals we take in are at high risk for euthanasia and have no other options. 75% of the animals coming into our facility are in need of immediate medical attention, surgeries or lifelong medication or specialty care.

Our volunteer run wildlife rehabilitation center takes in around 300 injured & orphaned wild animals annually. Their average stay with us is 3 months but sometimes can be over 6 months, during that time they need daily care, food and sometimes medication. If you are interested in learning more about the wild animals we specialize in, please click to our "wildlife" tab. 

If you are looking to donate used items we take: sheets, towels, blankets, comforters. PLEASE NO PILLOWS. Will will also accept lightly used dog beds, collars/leashes and metal bowls. 

We are always in need of cleaning supplies such as: 



-dish soap

-laundry detergent 


-Clorox wipes

-baby wipes

-disinfectant spray

If you are looking to donate something and uncertain if we will accept it, please give us a call to confirm. 845-392-4849

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