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Wildlife Rehabilitation Information

HVARS has 3 NY State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators who specialize in RVS (Rabies Vector Species). We rehab Raccoons, Fox & Bats but can assist with other wildlife needs and making sure they are quickly placed in the right rehabbers hands.

See below for helpful links or contact us directly regarding wildlife rehabilitation questions. 

You Found a wild animal & uncertain what to do....

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You have a RVS (Rabies Vector Species) animal and not sure what to do...

The very first question you should ask yourself: is this animal definitely orphaned or injured? 

Are you "baby napping" (stealing) by removing this animal from where it is right now? 

If you are not 100% sure you are making the right call- PLEASE CALL BEFORE MOVING THE ANIMAL!! 

Search for wildlife rehabilitators in your area...

If you are not local or not sure what to do next, please look at the website link below, the DEC website has a complete up to date page of all rehabbers in every county of NYS.

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