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Meet The Farm

HVARS is home to over 10 different species and about 150 farm animals ranging from chickens & ducks to goats, horses, pigs, a donkey and a cow who doesn't know his size.

Keep scrolling to meet them and hear all about their lives leading up to becoming a sanctuary animal with HVARS.

All of these farm animals are sanctuary pets and will live their entire lives here on the farm. 


This handsome Holstein came to us at only 5 days old. He was born in April 2019-  He was bound to become veil but got very sick and luckily found us. He spent many months being cared for in our hospital and needed to be tube fed until he was old enough to eat solid food on his own.  There were many sleepless nights, tube feedings, IV changes and a lot of funny looks when we told the story of how much care he took to still be alive today. Not many people would have taken a chance on a sickly veil cow who was not meant to live more than a month anyways but boy are we glad he landed in our arms. He is one lucky boy to have found a forever home with HVARS and never have to worry about where he could end up. If you ever get the pleasure of meeting Harvey, he will be sure to steal your heart and lick your face! 



Wilson came to us in the spring of 2022, he was just about a year old and left at an auction in the south. Another rescue organization came in and took all the "friendly" mini donkeys and left him behind because he was scared and not friendly at the time. We can only imagine he has been through a lot in his short life but within a few months at HVARS he learned very quickly to trust people and love ear scratches. Wilson is still a little shy but if you get the pleasure of giving his soft little nose a pet, he is sure to ask for a carrot in return. You can often find him at the hay bale in rain, snow or shin...he never misses a meal and is known as the vacuum cleaner.

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