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Parrots and other birds for Adoption


All of our birds have been adopted 🙂

This beautiful 10 year old Congo African Gray parrot just recently came in to our rescue.  Angel is a very smart bird who knows quite a few phrases.  He is very entertaining and has entire conversations with himself.  He mimics a phone ringing and then he answers the phone.  He calls for a dog named Sandy to come in. He says “good night” and “how are you”?  He knows how to “step up” and he enjoys eating human food in addition to his regular diet.  We really need an experienced, very committed person to adopt Angel as he has been through too many homes already.  He will be sent to his new home with his cage, all his toys and food.

Adopted 🙂

Angel was adopted on June 28th, 2013 to a home where they have lots of parrot experience.


These two parakeets were surrendered to us because their owner could no longer care for them.  We don’t know how old they are but both look healthy.  It is a male and a female and they come with their cage and all accessories 🙂


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This pretty little pastel lovebird came in from the same owner as the parakeets.  Again I don’t know how old this bird is but it sure is pretty 🙂


Adopted 🙂


This pair of lovebirds came from the same home and they are very bonded.  We are looking for someone to adopt the pair together.


Adopted 🙂


We currently have 2 blue & gold macaws for adoption.  These birds will only be considered to a family that has extensive parrot knowledge.  They came from a hoarding situation where they were kept in a small cage inside of a dirty, dark shed.  I took them in over a year ago with the intention of keeping them forever but my boyfriend is extremely allergic to them.  Because they can no longer live in my dining room (where they received constant attention), I feel it would be best to find someone who can give them the kind of home that they deserve.  They are a mated pair that is in perfect feather.  They eat everything and they have a very extensive vocabulary.




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This is a Monk Parakeet, also known as a Quaker Parrot.  It was found roaming the streets of Poughkeepsie and is now looking for a new home.  Please let us know if you are interested in adopting this pretty bird.

Adopted 🙂

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