Wildlife Rehabilitation Services

HVARS is a NY State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and is licensed to rehab and house RVS (Rabies Vector Species) as well.  See below for helpful links or contact us directly regarding wildlife rehabilitation questions.


We rehab Raccoons, Skunks, Foxes & Fawns. You can call the office at 845-392-4849

For all other animals please keep reading


Please look below for names and numbers to rehabbers in the Hudson Valley area. If you are not seeing a rehabber for a specific animal you can follow the link below to the NYS DEC website that will list ALL rehabbers in NY 

Can call about any wildlife and can be directed to the correct place 

  • Paula 914-522-5945

Birds of prey, fawn, fox, small mammals 

  • 518-965-1864

Birds of Prey, Hawks, Owls, falcons, Vultures, Crows, Raven

  • Peter & Mary 845-795-2762 or 845-304-9385

ALL wild birds except Pigeons, Starlings, House Sparrows & Canadian Geese 

  • Ann Mardiney 845-943-8098

All songbirds EXCEPT starling, house sparrows, & pigeons 

  • Kathy Foley 845331-3906 & 845-430-5701

Turtles, Squirrels, fawn 

  • Elly Monfete 845-514-2931


  • Kim 914-213-0371

Small mammals, starling, sparrow, pigeons, canadian geese 

  • Peter Corey 631-988-8382


  • Sondra Tillou 845-338-4864


  • Arty 718-865-6347

Birds of prey, migratory birds, turtles, tortoises, small mammals, squirrels, rabbits 

  • Scott McGillicuddy 797-7189

Raccoons, skunks

  • Georgi Turner 914-260-6273

Westchester County rehabber.

Birds of prey, Canadian geese, fawn, pigeons (can direct most calls to rehabbers in area) 

  • Patrick 914-400-6014







I Found a Wild Animal

Found a wild animal?  Use this helpful guide for what to do next.          


Search for Wildlife Rehabilitators in Your Area

This searchable database from the NYS DEC will help you find wildlife rehabilitators in your area.