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Charitable Bequests & Gifts




We are a non-profit animal rescue organization that is dedicated to saving injured, sick, and abandoned cats, dogs and wildlife.  To do this never ending rescue work, we need your help—whether during your lifetime or through your will.

Some of the animals that come to us through rescue are the result of the untimely, unfortunate passing of their owner(s).  We want to have the resources to be sure these animals are transitioned to a loving, permanent home—like the one they knew.

By leaving a bequest to HVARS in your Will is a way to assure that your support of helping animals will be a lasting contribution.  It is possible to leave a bequest for a percentage of your estate, or a share of the residue after gifts to your heirs.


There are many other ways to also make bequests and gifts:  monetary donations,
bank accounts, securities, works of arts, or real estate.  Giving through wills and trusts can be planned ahead; it is convenient and economical, with potential for tax savings.


We will be happy to answer any questions for you or your advisors with your plans to fulfill your charitable goals.  Please help us help animals into the future.

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