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Samantha Vumbico (Sam)


This is Samantha, Celie’s daughter.  Without her we wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the animals that come through our rescue on a regular basis.  Sam helps with all aspects of the rescue including feeding, caring for and cleaning up after the animals.  She does everything from bottle feeding babies to dosing out medications when the animals are sick.  Sam is an animal lover who has been surrounded by pets her entire life.  She is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  She just recently took her Rabies Vector Species class and she should be licensed in time to handle RVS when the Spring babies start coming in.  Sam is also an EXPERT at tube feeding.  Since baby possums need to be tube fed until they are old enough to eat on their own, Sam is our resident possum caregiver.  She also helps at the adoption events by setting up cages, talking to our adopters and helping with adoption agreements.   Sam is an integral part of HVARS and we couldn’t handle the amount of animals that we do without her.   Thank you for all your help Sam, you are amazing!


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