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Farm Animals For Adoption

We frequently have farm animals in need of placement. Visit this page to learn about some of the animals who might like to come live with you!

If you don’t have room in your barn, maybe you would like to virtually adopt us.  Any donation amount would help our rescuers with feed costs.

Buckwheat and Alfalfa

These two boys would love to find a home together.  They are inseparable and have been buddies since they were young kids. They are both wethers (castrated males) so you will never have to worry about the “buck smell” in your barnyard.

(Click each thumbnail to enlarge the image, and return here by using your browser’s Back button.)


Chinese Geese

These Geese were raised with the goats and they need to find a home too. They say, “Would you like to adopt us?  Our dream home would have a small pond and a barn/shelter that we can sleep in at night.”


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