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Our Equines

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These donkeys were rescued from a wonderful organization called Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, 216 N. Meech Road, Dansville, MI 48819



Flash was born to a brood mare mother. He is what you would call a “by product” of a bad situation.  Brood farms are similar to puppy mills because the mares are constantly kept pregnant with no regard to their health.  The only thing that matters is the profit that can be made from selling the offspring. When we heard about the awful living conditions that these horses were forced to survive in, we had to see it for ourselves.  Unfortunately the descriptions were accurate and we wound up pulling 9 horses from the farm. Flash was only 6 months old at the time and he has been a member of our family since.


Dutchess came from the same farm as Flash.  She was extremely sick when I rescued her.  She was suffering from a disease that is usually fatal to young horses. We spent long days and nights out in the barn bottle feeding, administering medicine and making sure that she didn’t lose her will to survive. It was only because of my family’s love and devotion that this horse made it through the first month.  Take a look at Dutchess now!


Horses In The Snow

Just some fun photos of our horses and donkeys playing in the snow!

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